S: I have a feeling that my strength and my security lies only in my faith, is that correct? It makes it possible to talk with you. Frankly, I'm uncomfortable - it’s a new experience. The fact that you exist and the way that you communicate is so foreign to conventional thought. I feel like I'm standing in a valley, about to climb a mountain, and the mountain is covered in clouds. And then you come along and the Urantia book comes along and blows away the clouds and I see this mountain, its 350,000 years high, and that you are on the same mountain. Is that right?

R: That is just the foothills.

S: Are you that little guy way up on top?

R: Somewhere there. Your faith is not your only strength and support. It is a crucial one, yes. But you have your Adjuster, you have your spirit guides, your Guardian Angels, the ones who love you. You have your own unique personality and your capacity for prayer to connect you instantaneously to Paradise. You have your ability to worship and grow and co-create with the Most Highs. You have so many areas of strength and connection to Father.

S: It's nice to know. I understand that the Presence of the Father is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. What I'm confused about is praying out loud. When you are praying out loud, is that only for the fellowship of those of like mind? Is that the only purpose of praying out loud, since the Father is within us?

R: There is no purpose other than those which you assigned to such prayer. Believe me, when to seek to pray, even the quietest whisper of your mind-thought is heard loud and clear.

S: That's how I prefer to pray, by being quiet.

R: Then you certainly may do so, my friend.

S: I have a two-year-old daughter who has been in three near-death situations, and I just feel that the Father keeps trying to pull her away from me. How can I grasp on to her?

R: Can you describe the situation?

S: One involved choking and another was a seizure.

R: What was she choking on? [Answer unintelligible] I am sorrowed to hear of your child's difficulties. However, let me reassure you that Father does not “take” people from life. This is a pagan belief that has no basis in Universe truth. Father loves your child as dearly as He ever loved any child of mortal birth. And indeed special love and protection is accorded to the babies who need it. Yes, they are prone to accidents.

And they are fragile, as you have discerned. Do you believe that you could do more to help protect your child from this end?

S: There are times I just can't do anything.

R: Are you fearful? (S: Yes.) Have you sought guidance from others in this regard?

S: No,

R: Can you think of any that might offer helpful advice in the particulars of how you might protect your child adequately? You may wish to seek such advice, my dear. Do not fear the Father. He is only good and has only love. Your child is struggling for material survival and will certainly thrive. She has much love from her mother, does she not? (Yes) (11/27/93)

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