R: It is unfortunate that as a result of the rebellion long ago certain social patterns have developed on Urantia that have glorified indolence and encouraged those who have no or very little spiritual striving to reproduce in large numbers. You do not help the mission on this planet by supporting such beings materially so that they can continue to reproduce and cause an even larger problem in the future.

As this meeting, this mission, proceeds on this planet, there will come a time when this enormous problem will have to be dealt with directly. The time is not far off, and it will not be easy.

Q: Rayson, are you saying that, in the view of both yourself and those involved in the teaching mission, and perhaps higher up the celestial hierarchy, Urantia is viewed as severely overpopulated?

A: Not in terms of numbers, but in terms of beings of low evolution.

Q: Genetic stock?

A: All of the genetic stock that you require to attain light and life is present on Urantia now. But there have been some unwise decisions allowing unchecked propagation of base stocks.

Q: So do you refer to more of a genetic retardation, or social retardation in terms of spiritual, evolutionary growth?

A: Both. But not to a crippling extent, or better stated, it is not something that cannot be reversed.

Q: And this definitely is understood by those in power in terms of our physical government.

A: Yes. Remember that Lucifer and Caligastia promoted the notion of total independence from the spirit leadings of God's messengers on this planet. Had this not occurred, this situation would not exist presently.

S: Well, then today's lessons extremely poignant for me. Now I understand the boundaries, the proper, healthy psychological or the psycho-spiritual boundaries of those of us involved in this teaching mission. As the mission expands and as our communications with the public expand, we should know what are our proper boundaries so we don't cross the line into pity and empowering. I can see now you're keeping us on focus and on track in terms of keeping this mission and the transmission of this mission a spiritual one and not a adolescent “save the world” mission.

Q: Rayson, what is the solution to this overall problem? How can we get the people who are unproductive and not working and so forth to become productive spiritual citizens?

A: Well, a quick answer is this. One can never compel another Godward - that is a personal decision. However, an animal will do what it must do to eat. If it must stand in a line at a building to get a handout, it will. If it must work in a field, it will. If it must study in a school, it will. If you deal with those who abase themselves to the level of animal behavior, it is unfortunate but you must deal as with animals. Animals are driven by the desire for food, the desire for reproduction, and the desire for survival. Those are your keys. If animals are allowed to reproduce in an unchecked fashion, they will do so, particularly when they are well-nourished and do not need to work. Do you understand? (S: Yes, I do.) (10/16/93)


Q: Rayson, I wasn't clear about the next step that you said had to be taken on this earth before we had light and life. Could you explain that a little further?

A: Yes. Certainly. Many things must be done before this planet will be ready for the entry into light and life. But a critical step that cannot be gotten around is the business of eliminating from the human stocks those who heed not the Thought Adjuster and lead iniquitous lives. Until this is done, there will be enormous impediments to spiritual progress on this planet. (I understand.)

Q: That would seem to be looking at the characteristic of refusing to follow Father's will as something that could be handed down through a family line. Is this what you're saying? Or are you saying that we must wait for all of those people to die off? Not to eliminate them from human stock?

Doesn't this indicate a genealogical thing?

A: Yes, there is a genetic correlate, and certainly there is a freewill choice correlate that is passed on from parent to child in family learning which must be eliminated.

Q: So that if a child in adulthood chose to exercise the right choices and to teach his children to exercise the right choices that would, in effect, have eliminated from that particular stock the flaw that the generations ahead of him had built into their family life.

A: Yes, but when a culture allows the unchecked propagation of those who have no regard for the promptings of the Adjuster, there is a very deleterious effect on the spiritual life and progress of the beings in that culture. Those who have faith on a planet where there is relatively little contact with the outer universe - not outer universe, but the universe beyond the planet - can be fragile in faith and easily discouraged by real material success of iniquitous beings among them. This is not say that faith will be broken, but spiritual growth will be subdued compared to what might otherwise occur. Does that help?

Q: That helps, but then I'm wondering if part of our mission is to somehow besides helping those who are not now spiritually inclined to become spiritually inclined? Or are we supposed to be working for laws to limit the reproduction of those who generation after generation have taken this other tack?

R: What do you think?

S: Well, it sounds like we've got a job that's really going to raise a few resistances, I would say.

A: Perhaps that is a good indicator that you are headed in the right direction. I cannot tell you to do such a thing, and yet I must encourage you to follow your mind in this way.

Q: In other words, you can't tell us to do it, but you're not going to tell us not to either, are you?

A: Yes.

Q: Concerning the weeding out, the breeding out of criminals in society, I recall a paper in the Urantia book, paper 72, called Government on a Neighboring Planet, which describes how they're dealing with crime on a nearby planet that also participated in the rebellion. It says that they've been breeding out criminals for well over 100 years now and they've been getting results from that. But it seems that it's a really tricky thing morally for society to start making those sorts of segregations and decisions with regard to breeding and freewill choice for those beings. I was just wondering if you could comment a little bit more on that.

A: Yes, it's a move that requires enormous courage and continual reassessment and discussion in order to avoid tragic misconstruction of the purpose of such a program.

Q: As you say, the Father's love is so great that we always have a choice, and there are people who may lead iniquitous lives for a period of time and redeem themselves and ask for forgiveness and continue the rest of their lives trying to be better and trying to do good. And it just gets really tricky with decisions to make about extermination. Do you agree with this?

R: Yes. Specific instructions were given early in the life of this planet and much was lost as a result of the rebellion. Part of the purpose of this mission is to gauge whether Urantia is ready for another corps of instructors as was given many thousands of years ago.

Q: So you're saying that that specific information about how to handle this problem, it was here and now it's not, and you're trying to decide whether we should have that specific information again?

A: The information was here, and it will be here again. The timing has not yet been determined, however.

Q: With regard to this cleansing of the races, it leaves itself open to a great risk if fanatics try to impose one religious thought and say “this is the truth” with only limited human understanding, then try to eliminate all those who disagree with them - or to make it impossible for them to continue their breeding stock.

A: Yes, that is very true. Such a step could lead to much tragedy and could plunge Urantia into a dark period as has occurred previously in its history, but we believe that Urantia is at the edge of a new age and is ready to implement such changes appropriately.

Q: I have another comment on that. In viewing the media, and how entertainment and news reflect violence and negative energy - you see so much of it on the news, all the situations, all over the world things are happening, just evil sorts of things. In a lot of ways, from my perspective, it seems like things are getting worse. Is that your perception of it in certain ways, or from your global perspective or planetary perspective are things getting better?

A: One of your scholars once commented that good news never makes headlines. The inditing of the Urantia Book and the presence of this teaching mission have occurred because of the gradual and slow progress that has occurred on Urantia in a positive direction. Yes, you may have more awareness of sinful acts than you once did, and this may be true on a worldwide basis due to enhanced communications, but it is not that long ago in your history that a man could easily be hung because of his color, and that does not occur today.

Q: So as it's getting worse, it's getting better, I suppose, a different kind of thing, sort of, experience we're dealing with on a multigenerational scale.

A: As the circuits have opened and the energy has been upstepped, the eyes of many are opening as if after a long sleep. Awakening is not always a pleasant experience, but it is far better than slumbering on indefinitely, is it not? (Yes.) It was Lucifer's intent to promote the long sleep of indifference and self-concern. This is finally falling away, and slowly but surely altruism is emerging. (12/12/93)

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