Q: Is human life sacred? It seems that the wanton disrespect for the sanctity of life continues on this planet on a daily basis. And in order to continue you either have to have a tremendous amount of faith, or to be a fool, or to be somewhat in denial. Those of us that are drawn to these teachings apparently recognize the inherent value of our lives, and the chance to communicate with spirit. I don't think any one of us would want our physical lives terminated before its due time. And yet this happens on a gigantic scale, and apparently always has, on this planet. How is that viewed in the spiritual realms? Is it as much of a crime or cause of distraught and anguish in the spiritual realms as it is on a daily basis on earth?

A: Human life is sacred only insofar as this: if a person murders another person, the murdered being will survive. The murdering being, although physically still alive on this planet, has violated the sacredness of life. They have committed the ultimate act of non-respect against a fellow child of God. They are the person in danger of not surviving, not the person who is dead. So human life should be viewed as sacred only insofar as you must cherish and love your fellows. That is the spiritual way of being. Your planet, however, is still quite primitive and contains much of the animal aggressive traits of early man.

If a plane crashes and 300 people die, we are not as upset about it as you are because we know that this is only a transition for those mortals. They continue their spiritual path on the Mansion Worlds. What we are concerned about are the acts of violence and aggression that still continue here on this planet. Even more is the total disregard for future generations by violating the physical laws of the earth. These are matters of great concern.

Even in terms of tribal wars or national wars, we look upon this as being necessary to the evolution of your planet. These conflicts are inevitable, and will one day be erased or much diminished as you grow spiritually and in a more balanced way than you have now. Some of them are necessary. When certain nations are more spiritually evolved, they must - in essence - protect that growth from their primitive neighbors. So armed conflict is necessary and not viewed the same way, for that spark of spiritual progression must be safeguarded on this planet, even if thousands and thousands must die to do so.

Unfortunately the deterioration taking place is not that people die for a spiritual cause or to keep a value system alive, which is worthy and necessary for the growth of mankind, but that so much of your society has degenerated into senseless acts of violence and hatred. This is the breakdown of the family unit, and the generational loss, unfortunately, in the United States. The Angels of the Families are working now to upstep the next generation. This one, unfortunately seems to have wasted its opportunities. That does not mean that individuals cannot grow and survive, but as a nation this generation has deteriorated or regressed. This often happens as a world evolves. We take a much broader view of these things because we see life not only in the material form, but the true spark of life is in your soul which cannot die with your body.

Q: Is there any grief on the celestial's part in what you see? In the ways that you would feel what would echo as human grief?

A: Yes.

Q: Or disgust?

A: No. There is sadness when we see certain humans or cultures or races which could have upstepped the planet whose lives were accidentally or prematurely cut off here. There is sadness. Disgust? No. We have no disgust. We have much compassion for the children of this planet who have been so disadvantaged by so many events, the first being the lack of Adamic blood which would have offset the primitive aggressive nature of some of the secondary color races. This is not the fault of anyone in existence today, but you must live with this consequence. Someday it will not be so difficult. Being an experimental planet, we have known there would be surprises. We did not expect there would be so much animal still left in mankind that coexists with the developing brain power, which is sort of frightening, for you have you have used much of your science for destruction.

Q: Rayson, on a non-experimental planet, a non-decimal planet, would this behavior occur? And if it did would it be tolerated?

A: It would have occurred, but at different stages of development. It would have been more contained towards the beginnings of emerging society. It would not have been coupled with the technological advances that exist in - for example - the United States. And the abundance of leisure time that - because of these advances - you live with. So the combination is quite fatal. You see as man is more primitive with much more violence in him he also has less time to engage in acts of violence for the survival needs take up so much. We are faced with a nation that devotes relative little time to surviving and much time to destroying.

Q: A point of clarification. A few minutes ago you said the remaining aggression in secondary racial colors, color races. I'd like to have that explained a little further. I just would ask for clarification - I don't want to put my own judgment on it, but I am wondering if that implies that the secondary color races are more aggressive than the primary ones?

A: I was not referring to the color races which exist on Urantia today, but to the color races which sprang up on Urantia in the beginning. The blue race, the red race, these were the more spiritual races. The orange and green were much more - secondary - were much more violent and aggressive. For example, all races suffered from lack of Adamic blood, but the blue certainly got more violet blood than others. Because the secondary races got so little and did not blend, and the more spiritual races like the red were virtually wiped out, there is an imbalance in the world's peoples. These color races do not correspond to the races which exist, or the way you classify your races today. It is just that more of the primitive and aggressive traits survived while the more spiritual traits were exterminated.

Q: In all the races up through life today, you mean?

A: In all.

Q: Rayson, getting back to the sacredness of life - I refer specifically to human life - when does human life begin that is considered sacred? Does it begin with the gleam in the father's eye? Or with the conception? Or with the birth when the Father grants personality? Or with the Thought Adjuster? At what point does it begin?

A: Human life in terms of recognition on a universe level begins at birth, when the personality is recorded in the records of your local universe. Spiritual life for humans begins when the Thought Adjuster indwells the human child. (04/25/93)

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