S: Can you explain to me what happens when you have an out-of-body experience?

R: Could you describe this experience?

S: There was an experience when I was going through lots of pain. I saw myself lying down on the couch and the pain was gone, and there was so much light, and it was just so beautiful. I remember coming back to all that pain. What makes people, when that happens, when there's all that light and just beauty, what makes them turn back around?

R: Part of the answer to your question is something that I am not permitted to discuss, but I can tell you that you have chemical potentials in your brain that give you great power regarding the maintenance of your material life or its cessation. It is indeed true that you can will yourself to die or to live, and that you can will yourself to health or illness. It is also true that you can achieve states of extremely close contact with the Thought Adjuster and during such states may be afforded a glimpse of yourself as you appear outside of your material body.

This may seem like a mystic explanation, but I urge you to refrain from consciously repeating such an experience as it can be quite hazardous. Something does indeed happen at a spiritual level. More than that I cannot say. This question has been asked frequently during the lesson periods of this teaching mission, and it is appropriate that it would be asked during a lesson about perfection and imperfection.

Are there other comments or questions?

S: Well, with regard to that, would it be going too far then to ask whether the being who at that point decides to turn around and come back had a sense of not having finished, of not having completed this part of the journey, and a willingness to come back and complete it?

R: Yes.

S: And were the being to say “I don't want to finish this”, would that be a spiritual misstep, an error.

R: Not necessarily. It would depend on motives. There would be an adjudication of such a decision, however. Generally, there is not the assignment of error to such a decision because the circumstances warrant the decision being taken.

S: Because pain is so destructive and so exhausting, sometimes people reach a point where they are unwilling to tolerate it any more. There is more and more of this on this planet at this time - of peoples opting to terminate this life rather than endure. I was concerned. To me that is not spiritually wrong, but I wondered whether in the plan it was less than the ideal solution.

R: It all depends on circumstances. If you make an irrevocable decision to depart, the Thought Adjuster will leave the body. If however, you do not make such a decision, the Thought Adjuster will stand firm and pull you back like a rubber band.

S: Pretty great people, beings, Thought Adjusters, aren't they?

R: They perfectly execute their role. There have been no defaults to date. (12/04/93)

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