Today I shall speak on perfection and imperfection, for I sense that the time has come to give consideration to this important and unifying concept. It has been said that this area of perfection and its counterpart, imperfection, causes more frustration, pain, and time delay in spiritual progress than any other area of consideration in the education of imperfectly created beings. Indeed, I myself continue to wrestle with this topic, and it was the lever, if you will, that was used so adroitly by Lucifer to draw support to his rebellion. He correctly perceived that the subject of perfection and imperfection in the universe is an area of much misunderstanding that begets highly emotional responses from not only beings of imperfect creation but also the equivalent of emotional response from beings created perfect.

Indeed, you will spend well over a million years of your existence learning and struggling with this concept and still will not have a complete knowledge of it.

So what is perfect then? Perfect is Father. Perfect is the Trinity and all that emanates there from, unless it be deliberately created with imperfect potential. For they cannot do otherwise than to create perfect, except by most careful and deliberate engineering. You may be interested to know that the Most Highs considered it to be a major breakthrough in the creation plan when the first imperfect creation was made. That may even seem absurd to you, but the devising of imperfection by the Most Highs was a grand step forward in the history of the cosmos and the unfolding of future, present, and past time potentials over all that is.

So then what is imperfection? Ah, this is a far more difficult definition, for me especially, because like yourselves I do not have a complete knowledge of the perfect and the imperfect, however I will give my humble best of my own knowledge of what imperfection is. Imperfection, as I understand it, is that capacity to make a choice between behaving in the fashion set forth by Father and the Most Highs, or not. That which is not consistent with Father's plan is said to be imperfect. For example, the behavior of Lucifer was imperfect, and yet you may ask was not Lucifer a perfectly created being? It remains for me a mystery as to how Lucifer, said to be a perfectly created being, was able to behave in such an entirely imperfect fashion. But perhaps the lack in my comprehension is due to my own imperfection, and it is important for you too, my friends, to understand that having been created imperfect you will necessarily have gaps in your understanding of the cosmic plan.

When we are created imperfect, you and I, much is given to us. Again a paradox perhaps, but it is not every being in the cosmos that has the capacity to choose other than Father's way. However, because we have that ability, we are in ways that I certainly do not understand deprived of other abilities that generally accrue to perfectly created beings, such as understanding the nature of the cosmos in certain ways. We imperfect beings must learn so much that comes innately to the perfect, however my understanding also is that because of our innate imperfection we are able to serve as co-creators with the Most Highs in unique capacities that are not available to our perfect counterparts. We serve as scouts, if you will, into certain areas of what is that cannot be reached by the perfect beings of creation, and for some reason that I do not understand and may never understand, this ability of ours is required for the ultimate settlement of the outer universes.

Has it not puzzled you that the outer universes are not yet settled? I know that it has perplexed me, and yet that is the condition at present. There is so much to discuss about perfection and imperfection, but what I have given you so far I believe is quite enough for one sitting and is ample information for discussion, so I shall pause at this point and receive questions and comments.

Q: Rayson, thank you for a very provocative presentation of the question of perfection and imperfection. The Urantia Book says that Havona and all of the personalities within it are created perfect. Is that not correct?

A: Yes, aside from beings of mortal creation who are passing through?

Q: The creation of the universes of time and space was, according to the Urantia Book and according to my thinking, for the very purpose of allowing imperfections to exist. Was it not?

A: Yes, in part.

Q: At least the purposes that we're concerned with, there may have been other purposes that I don't know about.

A: Yes, the purposes of Father, of course, are never wholly known to us.

Q: So the universes of time and space were created with the possibility of evil existing in creatures that get further and further away from Havona and from the Original Source of the Father. One definition of imperfection is the possibility of evil, is it not?

A: Yes.

Q: And although it is not necessary that any created personality actually do evil, they are created imperfect in the sense that they can do evil. Is that not correct?

A: Yes. They have the choice, unlike their perfect counterparts.

Q: So the concept of freewill creatures then entails the ability to do or not do the will of the Father which we would describe as being imperfect. Is that not correct? (A: Yes.) And it is only through this plan of having imperfect creatures choose to do the will of the Father that we create the Supreme, that we create our own soul. Is that not correct?

A: You personally did not create your own soul.

Q: We co-created this.

A: Yes, you permit its presence by your choices. That would qualify as co-creation.

Q: And it grows in the sense of being born again. Does it not?

A: I would not use that term because of other connotations in your culture that are erroneous.

Q: Yet it was the very essence of Jesus' teaching to Nicodemus that you must be born again.

A: That is true, but the idiomatic use of that phrase at present in your culture reflects an incorrect understanding of Jesus' intent when He uttered it originally.

Q: I presume that some people think of being born again in those terms, but I prefer to think of it as being as Jesus taught it. And I think that those who are familiar with the Urantia Book feel comfortable with that language.

A: Yes, my friend, but remember that in future times our present discussions will be reviewed most critically by some who are not friendly to our cause nor to the Urantia Book, so we must be most cautious in our use of language in these recorded discussions.

Q: You're very wise in looking ahead to others unfriendly. I wasn't thinking in those terms. I apologize.

A: But consider this. Is it not a lovely plan for Father to create beings who are imperfect and yet are born, live and progress in the continual presence of God with choice potential for the ultimate purpose of settling an area which is entirely bereft of God's presence. Have you not ever wondered why it is that all beings of mortal birth have such strong pioneering instincts, such an urge to go into the wilderness where none have been before? Has that not ever intrigued you?

S: I think it probably has intrigued me because I feel that urge and have felt it. (R: Yes.) I think it's a creative urge, however.

R: Well, yes. It certainly is, but it is notably absent in beings of perfect creation.

S: I never thought of that.

R: And yet you will see it in animals. This is certainly something very interesting to think about.

S: Yes, I think animals are controlled by the adjutant mind spirits, the first five certainly lead in that direction.

R: Yes. The continuing presence of God, but, ah, how different it may be once you have journeyed to Paradise to strike out into the void. It may be most familiar to you, having lived in your present material form in a planet subject to rebellion and severance of the universe circuits, but, of course, you will not be abandoned ever again. Nor will you strike out into that void without much connection to Paradise which is comforting to us. We will be most thoroughly tested and most expertly prepared before we take our space walk.

S: To answer your original question, I certainly do find it thrilling to participate with the Deity in the creation of something from nothing, to give Him experiences in overcoming evil, to worship Him because of His own beauty instead of because I was created perfect to do so. All of these are very thrilling to me.

R: Yes. Do you not see how easy it would be for a Lucifer to subvert the entire outer universe?

S: Lucifer chose the correct key to potential success in appealing to the ego of the personality of the individual, and I'm certainly glad that he was isolated and his arguments were not heard beyond his area of influence.

R: Yes. In the ascension career of you, as an imperfect creature, it will be certified beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will not become a Lucifer.

Q: Rayson, I've forgotten already, this discussion is so fascinating, did you say it was the Ancients of Days that were so awed and marveled so much at the success in creating imperfection, the potential for imperfection, or beings with that potential?

A: They were awed, as were all the Most Highs, for there had been long-standing discussion regarding the impossibility of such happening, and yet all knew that God would do what He set about.

Q: Following up on that, would you say that even though they saw the potential for evil and other distractions in the plan of the Father, they were like our modern scientists when they discover something destructive? The breakthrough in the scientific creation was so much of a triumph that they appreciated it for the triumph of creating something new rather than worrying about the consequences of what would follow from that.

A: Well, you are correct in part, but you will learn later about the age-long commentaries regarding potential adverse outcomes stemming from the creation of imperfect beings, and indeed some of the predictions made in those commentaries have come to pass. But the universes still exist, and experience of adversity, even for God, is conducive to growth.

S: It's interesting to think of the Father as growing. We think of Father as being all already.

R: But you yourself are one measure of His growth in your ascension career.

S: Interestingly enough I'm grateful for being created an imperfect being because I'm enjoying this experience. Its greater glory to Father is that we can choose, and will choose, to do His will.

R: Yes. Lucifer was much jealous of the imperfectly created being and yearned sincerely that he had been so himself. This is helpful in understanding why he behaved as he did.

S: In your studies, has something of the settlement of the unoccupied spaces been presented to you? Or do you still have the limited knowledge that we do about finaliters being able to help settle these areas. It is a fascinating challenge, something I would very much like to participate in, a new experience. It is part of the goal of reaching Paradise. Besides, trying to give Father one more triumph is that one could qualify to do this. I sense in you an anticipation of this activity.

R: Yes. Yes, you are right. My knowledge is only slightly more than yours regarding this area, and as we have mentioned in recent discussions, there is much, very much work ahead for all of us. This is not an undertaking for the lazy. It will be arduous, sometimes painful, but very much real and rewarding to the one who enjoys being productive and participating in Father's plan. Any who feel differently will not progress, and you could call an attitude of that sort evil and be correct.

Q: Rayson, I have an idea about imperfection that I'd like to check out with you. In order for Father to be everything, universal, inside of the concept of universal is imperfection because that is something. But He's also a perfect being. So, in order to personally experience imperfection, He placed a part of Himself inside of us imperfect beings. He could experience imperfection and sort of be along for the ride as we make our way back to Paradise. Is this correct?

A: Yes, but not only so that He could experience your imperfection, also so that He could be there as a guide.

Q: Rayson, I think it is probably a matter of semantics, but I understood you to say that Lucifer was created a perfect being. I may be wrong on that, but my thinking on the matter is that in order for Lucifer to rebel he had to have been created an imperfect being, that is, with the possibility of doing evil, or not following God's plan. I wonder if you would comment on this. How does a perfect being do evil?

A: By learning about imperfection. We do not know those at my level, how Lucifer made the transition from perfect to imperfect. It is indeed a paradox, but it has certainly occurred in the history of the universes in the past and one hypothesis is that beyond a certain level of sonship highness there is sufficient spirit capacity and sufficient contact with Paradise that, if the being would will it, it may be possible to discern some of the secrets of imperfection. We believe that this may account for Lucifer's capacity to behave imperfectly.

Q: The Urantia Book, as I understand it, says that when Christ Michael and the local universe Mother Spirit created Lanonandek Sons, They gave them more liberty or more freedom than most Creator Sons gave their Lanonandek Sons, and that it was because of this ability to choose evil that Lucifer was able to rebel. Is my understanding correct?

A: Yes, but he did not simply arrive with this capacity. He had to work it through as a puzzle or a problem and had the earnest desire to reach that goal of imperfection and imperfect choice. He worked hard to reach the capacity for sin. Other Lanonandek Sons have never sinned, most others. But you see because this liberty, if you wish, was afforded, it also has given Michael's Lanonandek Sons enhanced capacities as co-creators with Michael and Father, and it is part of what makes this universe quite special. Do you understand? (Yes)

Q: Rayson, How should I be thinking? When I'm toiling, when I'm doing my day-to-day work, I seek perfection. I know I'm imperfect, but I always seek to do the job better, more efficient, less wasteful each time I do my work. Is that the correct way to think, to seek perfection?

A: Yes, you are exactly right.

Q: Well, I'm happy. You always come when we ask you to come, you stop and drop everything you're doing, and you're with us. Are there questions that you want to ask us? About what we are? I know you're teaching, but you're also learning, too. Do you understand my question?

A: Yes, but it is not appropriate for one in my capacity to probe. I gladly and gratefully accept all that you offer me, and am quite happy to be with you and share your experiences.

Q: Did Lucifer ... do perfect beings have Thought Adjusters? I suppose they do have. They're in constant communion with Father. Is that correct, or not, because our Thought Adjusters are here for us imperfect beings to guide us. Do perfect beings have those same sorts of guides?

R: Perhaps (S) could comment.

S: I don't think they have Thought Adjusters because that's a fragment of the Eternal Father that has been given to each normal-minded free will creature, not only to be with them during their experiences in overcoming evil but to lead them to perfection. There is no need for Thought Adjusters at that level. But they may have some spiritual guides that we don't know about. Is that an appropriate answer, Rayson?

A: Yes. Remember that they have ongoing access to the universe circuits which is the equivalent of continuous communication with Paradise.

Q: So Lucifer just chose to ignore those circuits or..?

A: No, he made much use of them but only to further his own goals rather than those that he knew quite well were appropriate and consistent with Father's plan.

S: I remember reading that now. (12/04/93)

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