Introduction to the 11:11 Revelations List.


Cheshire, UK, January 19, 2005.
The Scribe (Sananda).

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “It is of no concern to the spirit world whether or not you intellectually understand a lesson. It is only of concern that you feel the truth of a lesson, and allow it to resonate within your own heart.

“Much of the way we teach is clouded and cloaked for good reason. It is difficult for us to translate fully the energetic experiences of which we speak and partake. To those of you who are in human form, and who are living in a different reality, the paradigms do not transfer well, and so, often we talk by using analogy, and we simplify in order to make ourselves felt.

“A further problem is that within your reality much of the truth has no meaning. It cannot be expressed in words or sentences, or drawn in a picture. It can only be felt.

“Beware then of attaching too much significance to each word that is stated. For by doing so, you can lose the meaning within those words.

“Always then, when you read revelations and messages, allow yourself to ‘sit within’ calm space. Clear your mind of thoughts. Ensure you are open to yourself and to your guides, and begin to read, allowing every nuance of energy to filter through your systems.

“There will at times be paragraphs you do not initially comprehend. Do not hold back on these, or mull them too much within your own mind, but continue, and allow the flow to continue with you. You can always go back later, re-read that paragraph, and take it with you to dream-state, to understand if you feel more of its truth.

“You may find that it is not meant to make sense to you at that first point in time, and at reading the message again in future months, it may give further clarification. In all ways you will comprehend and feel that which you are ready to comprehend, and you can speed your growth by taking these very simple steps.

“We encourage you always to question, to push the limits and boundaries of your own minds, and of those who work with you. Your true question, honestly asked from the center of your heart, will rarely be ignored.

“We are glad to see you all taking this brave step into the unknown, into those areas which may bring fear, but which can also give great rewards. We honor you for your searching, for your inquisitive minds, for they are people like yourselves that change the world.

“Expect much of many different subjects, some which will fall closer to your heart than others. Be tolerant where there are those, which fall away from your areas of interest. Know that they are there for a reason, too, and someone else will gain that benefit.

“And so, wishing you welcome once again, we thank you for your dedication and look forward to getting to know many of you personally in the interactions in the following Nows.

“We say, those of you who approach with open mind and open heart will not be able to go adrift. We know each and everyone of you. You have all been called. This is no mistake. The heights to which your learning may progress is not yet apparent, but know there is no accident within the timing within these messages, and within the group with which we work.

“Do not try to force others to join this group. You may, of course, mention it to those you feel may have resonance, but it is a personal path, and as such each individual’s path should be honored, regardless of whether it resembles your own or not.

“There is no ‘better than’ associated with this list. It is merely for individuals of a different character. We bid you to remember this, as arrogance is never pretty, nor does it bring you closer to your Master within.

“We encourage questioning, we encourage you to listen to you own answers, and to share when you receive insight upon information posted to you. In this way, the list may grow together and in full co-operation between all.

“I shall be teaching many of the lessons through this receiver, but others will join at times—specialists.

“I leave you now, with a fond farewell and a gladness in my heart at the insemination of this new project.

“I Am The Scribe.”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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