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The most significant of a range of moments in time when midwayers may choose to trigger a response in a human that causes the human to look at a digital clock showing that time. The reason why 11:11 is the primary time prompt is explained elsewhere, but other common prompts are 11 past the hour, eg 7:11 and 2:22, 22:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. Not all humans are capable of being prompted in this fashion, but those that can be, are useful to the angels and they are very keen to extend this contact to two-way communication. While time prompts are the most common, many other sources of numbers are used, such as cash register slips, vehicle number plates, phone numbers on signage, etc.


These are material beings, that we should be able to see, but because most of us have not received enough of the genetic update Adam and Eve were intended to give us, we can't. They currently use the 11:11 and other time prompts, because there were 1,111 of them left after the rest decided to follow Lucifer. They are called midwayers, because they are midway between where we are now, and where we go next. Read this thread for more links and info. 11:11 signals are driving me nuts!

Thought Adjuster

This is a concept well covered in The Urantia Book, and as far as I can determine, almost nowhere else. Silvia Browne mentions that her guide can see the "pilot light" that we each have, and that is in fact another term for this "Thought Adjuster". It is a Fragment of God, and is in every way God. It was not created, and it is here to guide us. It resides within the mind of every mortal, once they take their first moral decision, typically around 5 to 7 years of age.

If we follow that guidance, we will merge or fuse with it, and in that process become a different type of being, and also be eternal and divine. It is the source of the "inner voice" and this is what you may be able to learn to discern if you regularly meditate.

Guardian Angel

Each of us has two Guardian Angels, but they also look after a lot of other folk, unless you have evolved spiritually. At a certain point in your spiritual growth, you gain the undivided attention of these angels. We may also have many other "guides", but these two have very specific roles.


In many circles, this is a generic word used to refer to non-incarnated beings. However in Padgett circles, this is the term used for those mortal spirits who have passed beyond the mansion worlds. These worlds are called the Celestial Heavens, in Padgett. A being that has fused with his/her thought adjuster has reached a level of progression that means they are extremely reliable guides, and pretty well incapable of untruth. They may not know the answer, but they will generally say so. These are not the opinionated entities that are so often found, whose confidence sadly does not match their knowledge. As a result, I am always interested if a teacher has fused or not. It does not mean a teacher who has not fused is of no value, or even less value, but it is a quality stamp. The ultimate stamp of Divine approval.

Mansion Worlds

This is a Urantia Book term, and refers to the seven spheres or worlds that we pass to after death. Most people pass into the lowest, but if you have evolved and grown spiritually, you can pass over higher. Mother Teresa passed into the fifth, and it is possible to bypass all these worlds, as I think happened with Elijah of the Old Testament. Note that he passed with "fiery chariots", which I think is symbolic of the fusion that results from fusing with the Thought Adjuster, and passing into the Celestial Spheres. The mansion worlds can also be called the spirit spheres.


The Scribe

Most of these personalities are listed on the web site List of teachers

Deep mind

It is possible for thoughts and concepts to be in the mind, and yet not be able to be expressed in the brain. This can happen with inventions, which may take years to express themselves. It seems the mind has to mold the brain to be able to handle certain ideas. So a brain can be capable of handling intellectual ideas, but incapable or limited with respect to spiritual ideas, or moral ideas. I would expect that to be deep mind.

However, I gather there is no subconscious mind. There is just mind. But somewhere in that mind lurks the Thought Adjuster, and it's pretty hard to make contact. Although we have not had any messages to this effect, I believe the aura is intimately related to the mind. Maybe it is one and the same thing. The mind is external to the body, and magnetic. It is digital in its functioning. The aura is also external, and magnetic, and reflects the emotions of the mind.

Spirits can control our brain, if we give over control, and that is what happens with mediums. If a spirit gets within the aura, it will be able to control the body, and the extent to which the incumbent allows it, results in either possession or obsession. One can expel such spirits via prayer, or prevent them entering via protection. If you are spiritually advanced, that of itself seems to afford protection. I think it is a vibrational thing.


This is the ability to identify subtle differences


Apparently souls were created by God in pairs. We do not know how long ago that occurred, nor do we know whether they are still being created, but there are vast numbers waiting to incarnate. They could be billions of years old, or made last week. I don't really think that they are likely to be less than maybe at least a thousand years.

The soul is an image of God. Created out of no material from this universe. It has no electrons or molecules, it is described as being purely spiritual, as is God. It is the seat of your personality, and emotions. It is the real you. We are not sure what happens before incarnation, but they have an understanding of God, and it has also been suggested that there may be larger groupings of souls than just the soul mates. Souls cannot be seen by any spirits, even Jesus/Michael says he cannot see them, although he is "aware" of their presence.

On incarnation a spirit body, or astral body is created to surround and protect that soul. This results in the entity becoming visible to all spirits, and from then on, the spirit body reflects the underlying soul condition. If it is evil, the spirit body is ugly, dark. If it is good, it will be beautiful, and have a great deal of spiritual light. Sin encrusts the soul.

The spirit body weights about 8 grams, and has been measured departing on death. The spirit body and soul is joined to the body by a silver chord. When that is severed, the body dies. This suggests the real source of life is the soul itself.


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