Celestial Teachers associated with the Group.

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[Approximate date when first encountered by one of the group or by an associate.]

0802-AB (Jack) - [1955] Secondary Midwayer Jack, began attempting contact in 1955, finally got through to the receiver (to whom he was attached) in 1967; I (Gerdean) met Jack in 1968. The receiver and I were wed in 1970 and Jack became a member of our "family" until 1983 when he went with the receiver to Thailand where he seems to still be stationed. He has visited infrequently since the opening of the circuits. His field of service: Awakening the Souls of Men.

Andrea - [1972 or prior] Primary Midwayer associated with Andite migration to South America that later gave rise to the Inca civilization. Thereafter she/he was long active in Greece with the Oracles of Delphi. Primary Midwayers are androgynous (hermaphrodites). Original member of the Australian Emergency Unit, or 11:11 Progress Platoon.

Athena - [1972 or prior] Celestial Artisan, writers’ assistant. Not until 2000 did we get to hear from Athena, when she commented on a project well done. Not until June of 2001 did she acknowledge having worked behind the scenes for all those years.

Beatrice (ABC-3) - [2000] Secondary Midwayer and long-time ‘Spirit Guide’ of prophet, poet and sage, Dante Alighieri. The nickname, Beatrice, was accidentally discovered. Bé-Ah-Tri_Ce, Ah-Bé-Ce-Tri, or ABC-3.

Bzutu (ABC-22) - [1946 or 1947] Secondary Midwayer Chief, active with Kiowa/ Comanche until leader of Australian Emergency Unit, or 11:11 Platoon. Bzutu is decidedly Red. Prior to 1976 he was armed with an awesome, laser-like weapon.

Char - Primary Midwayer, not of this planet. BioChemistry expertise. Organizer and Personal Teacher. Very spiritual. Char as in charwoman. Androgynous.

Christ Michael - [1991] Creator Son of the local Universe called Nebadon. Often addressed as Jesus, or Archangel Michael. He minds not what we call Him, as long as we do call Him.

Clair - [2001] Secondary Midwayer, and Consort of Midwayer Mathew. Could not last the distance on this planet, and requested alternative duties.

Damalia (Social Architect) - [introduced in 1994] In 1996, he brought together Marty Greenhut, Jim Cleveland, Gerdean O'Dell, Angus Bowen and others who formed the Harp of God Foundation, comprising a body of individuals interested in publishing. The group disbanded in September 2002.

Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) - [1945 or 1946] Secondary Midwayer, Healer and Psychologist. Brilliant multi-linguist. The "man" who ate no dinners. The fourth Midwayer member of the Australian Emergency Unit, or 11:11 Platoon.

Gorman - [1996] Secondary Midwayer, able leader, brilliant teacher of "The Father’s Business". Companioned Harp group from 1996 through 2000, when he was reassigned.

"I’ll be Frank" and "Alice" - [2000] Cherubim and Sanobim pair with hundreds of years of psychology studies between them. They are Psych Analysts and Advisors.

Ionah - [2003] Andite Leader, on the sea journey from Japan to South America and in South America after settlement. Now sometimes known as Kontiki Viracocha. Primary Midwayer Andrea accompanied these Andites on their journey.

Isaac - [1992] Celestial Engineer involved in reconnecting circuitry, can carry life-forms, and assists OBE’s. Works with Midwayers, Melchizedeks and Life Carriers.

Machiventa Melchizedek - [1991 approximately] Planetary Prince. Machiventa is the same Melchizedek who was on Earth at the time of Abraham. Sometimes he is referred to as The Teacher of Salem. In 1991 he introduced himself as an Avatar.

Mathew (33:3:33) - [2001] Secondary Midwayer, not a native of this planet. Only around 3’ tall. He studied us from afar, elected to join the 11:11 Progress Group. He was extraordinarily restless and considered humans on this planet to be very slow, and not very bright compared to those of his old haunts - a very advanced world.

Monjoronson - [2002] This Planet’s Paradise origin Teacher. Monjoronson will incarnate as did Machiventa some 5,000 years ago, suddenly arriving as a fully mature adult male.

Nebadonia (Mother Spirit) - [2000] The local Universe Representative of the Third Person of the Trinity. Personalities created by her are most numerous.

One Without Name and Number - [2002] Was part of the Celestial Group of advisors during the preparation of the channeled Urantia Papers.

Rachel - [2001] Secondary Midwayer, brought in to work with Light and Life.com. Her specialty was publishing "on-line, in cyberspace."

Sharmon (MNO-6) - [1972 or prior] Secondary Midwayer and tall, lively consort of Bzutu. Also known as Simone. Original member of the Australian Emergency Unit, or 11:11 Platoon. A lightening fast messenger.

Samuel of Panoptia - [1991] Advanced long-lived former human - Ethical Genetic Engineering. Personal Teacher.

Sarah - [2001] Secondary Midwayer, brought in to work with Harp of God, Inc., and replacing Gorman. Her specialty was publishing for "the man in the street."

The Scribe - [2003] This Entity announces self with, "My name is unpronounceable, my number of great length. You may call me The Scribe." It has been suggested by other receivers that this might be the Personalized Thought Adjuster of Jesus the Christ, but we have no confirmation about this from the Entity Itself.

"What-About-Bob" and "Lady" - [1999] Cherubim and Sanobim pair, personal mentors in "Be All You Can Be" for Gerdean and Angus. Assigned through Gorman in 1999 to the present. Specialty: Psych analysis and social development.

Gilgamesh - [2004] - Ancient Sumerian King of Uruk on the river Euphrates ca. 2700 BC. Contact of Rebecca.

Joseph the Younger (Joses) - [2004] - Younger brother of Jesus (Christ Michael). Contact of Rebecca.

Phoduk the Scribe - [2004] - Egyptian Scribe to Pharaoh in the period just before the founding of Rome. Contact of Rebecca.

Gabriel of Salvington, Archangel - [2004] - Chief Executive of the Universe of Nebadon. Contact of Rebecca.

Abraham - [2004] - Important contributor to this new age of the Correcting Time, functioning under the leadership of Machiventa Melchizedek. Contact of Rebecca and many other transmitters.

Gorman - [1996] - Secondary Midwayer, able leader, brilliant teacher of "The Father’s Business". Companioned Harp group from 1996 through 2000, when he was reassigned.
[2004] - Now in South Afrika.

Armesh - [2004] - Secondary Midwayer, Teacher, and partner to Primary Midwayer Zeen, and receiver Helen Whitworth. UK Progress Platoon.

Katrina - [2004] - Celestial Artisan, and Teacher. Works with Armesh, Zeen, and receiver Helen Whitworth. UK Progress Platoon.

Zeen - [2004] - Primary Midwayer, Teacher, and partner to Secondary Midwayer Armesh, and receiver Helen Whitworth. UK Progress Platoon.

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