Monjoronson the messenger from God

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We are confidently expecting the arrival of a celestial being, a real angel, a messenger from God. His name is Monjoronson, and in the various messages listed below you will see announcements regarding this incredible event. Some of course will call him the anti-christ, simply because they were not expecting him. Others will be incredibly fearful, fearful that their beliefs are palpably seen to be wrong. Others will fear that he may herald a change to their temporal power. He comes to show us the way home, to be a visible physical presence of our Father. Never again will people be able to declare that there is no God, because they have seen no evidence of this. But we will need to heed his teachings for anything to change. He himself will not change this world, we will have to do that.

Is this the second coming? No, because Monjoronson is not Jesus, although they are spiritual brothers. Almost all inhabited planets receive an incarnated Magisterial Son at some stage, although usually a planet which has had the benefit of a Creator Son (Jesus) does not also receive an incarnated Magisterial Son. But clearly we are in need of this "Correcting Time." It is expected that Monjoronson will have an accompanying party of some 100 Melchizedeks, another class of angel, and will be here for perhaps 1000 years. Will Jesus arrive in the flesh again? This is pretty certain, since he has promised that he would return, but current indications are that this will only occur after we have reached Light and Life. (Heaven-on-Earth) And as anyone can see, that is a far-distant event. Probably thousands of years yet.


August 29th, 2005

This is George Barnard, your everyday list-op and receiver of celestial messages—not a guru or fortune-teller—just another body in Michael’s Correcting Time army, who does as he’s told, although sometimes with some delay. This day I’m meant to make known that the Paradise Son, Monjoronson, is on terra firma, hidden for now, but hardly in hiding; finding his land legs, one might suggest. The latest news of his arrival came from our dear Friend, The Scribe (Sananda), the now personalized Thought Adjuster, Who played such an important role in the earth lives of Prince Machiventa Melchizedek, and Jesus of Nazareth. The Scribe’s brief announcement is but one of four such announcements recorded by your 11:11 Progress Group receivers that “Monjoronson is among us”.


Additional information added 9th September 2005.

While Monjoronson has "materialised", and can be said to be "of the flesh," his form is identical to that which Jesus had after his death. He does not yet have a body of the form that you and I have. As a result he can travel by spiritual means and appear in many places, with ease. He has promised to do just that, but commented that he has not yet been seen by anyone. (Actually we gather there is one exception.)





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